What to Expect

Set Up An Appointment

The Night Before Your Surgery

Withhold all food after midnight the night before surgery. Your pet may continue to have access to water. 

Surgery Day

Please make sure you potty your pet in the morning prior to your arrival.  We want them to be as comfortable as possible for surgery, and that includes having an empty bladder.

Please watch the video below!

Please arrive on time for Curbside Drop-Off:

*Cats MUST be brought in a secure carrier.  Please contact us if you do not have a proper carrier.*

We will check you in in the order you arrived. Please follow the lines of the roundabout parking lot and remain in your car. 


Your pet will be weighed, be given a physical exam, and pre-medicated for surgery.


Your pet will undergo anesthesia induction, have surgery, and be monitored for recovery.


Discharge instructions will be provided via email and verbally, a physical copy is available upon request.


All pets will receive an Elizabethan collar (e-collar). They should be placed on your pet when you return home and should be kept on your pet for 10 days or until the incision site has fully healed.


Pain management is a high priority for us.  Every dog will go home with 3 days worth of oral pain medication at no additional cost.  All owned cats will receive a 72 hour sustained release pain medication immediately following their surgery.


All pets will have been given a tattoo.  This is a small green line near their incision and is a universal sign that the animal has been sterilized.  This tattoo will ensure that the animal is not put under for surgery unnecessarily in the future.  More about sterilization tattoos.


“Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ Veterinary Medical Care Guidelines for Spay-Neuter Programs has recommended the use of a simple green linear tattoo to identify all neutered pet animals”

Caring for your Pet After Surgery

Please watch the video below!

Your pet may be under the influence of the anesthetic drugs for the next 24 to 48 hours. He/she may be quiet and not want to eat that evening. In some rare cases, they may vomit, drool, or vocalize.  Each animal reacts differently to anesthesia.  Your pet should return to being themselves by the following day.


Do not allow your pet to run, jump, play or swim for 10 days after surgery.  This time is needed for the internal tissues to heal as well as the incision.


Do not bathe your pet or get the incision wet for 10 days post op.


Please make sure that the Elizabethan collar remains on your pet for the duration of this recovery period. Chewing and licking the incision is the #1 cause for infection and complications.


If you have any concerns please call or text us at: 678-834-0777


Emergency Care

If you have an after-hours emergency or concern, we entrust our care to:

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG)

2725 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30009



All Pets Emergency and Referral

6460 Atlanta Highway, Alpharetta, GA 30004


North Georgia Vet Specialists

1328 Buford Highway NE, Buford, GA 30518


Or an emergency hospital in your area.

Check out our virtual tour of what happens when your bring your pet in for their surgery appointment!

Get ready to care for your pet after their surgery! This video details what to expect during the first 72 hours post-op!